ShardWorx Art Shop

About ShardWorx®

“To inspire creativity with glass...”

We are a creative team with an enormous love for all things glass! We dare to think BIG and aren’t afraid of being different, (like purposefully shattering a beautiful piece of glass to make something stunning!). We have the power to turn your day into a great one. That's why our mission is simple: “To inspire creativity with glass.”

ShardWorx® by Mary Hong is a brand that draws us into the magic of glass, squeaking out the creative in us, and allowing us to honor that nugget we want to hold on to forever. The cherry on top is the repurposing of a renewable product (glass) in such a way that we don't have to look far (our trash can!) to make something exquisite with our own hands!

Mary Hong is an artist based in Grayton Beach, Florida. In 2009, she took an old shower door and created a stunning crushed glass seahorse on painted canvas. That design would go on to serve as the brand logo for The Shard Shop, a creative retail studio where everyone can gather to create with glass. Our retail website,, represents our online store of products and tutorials aimed at bringing discarded glass and china to a new life in a masterful piece of art made by YOU! Make something beautiful today. (And toss some glass in there!)